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The Drastic Difference in Web Design Prices

Website Design Prices in Toronto

If you have been looking for a potential web developer in Toronto, you would have noticed differences in the prices quoted by each one of them. If the end product is the same - that is a functioning website, what causes this variation in prices? Let us take a look.

Web Designing is not a simple task that depends on a few lines of code, rather it is a continuous process that ensures the delivery of a high-quality, flexible, and reliable website that can also be modified in the future if and when the need arises. Hence, factors like continuous customer support, periodic website updates, and the functionality of the site itself may affect the pricing of the website.

While some web design agencies offer all of the above necessary services in their web design package, amateur web developers might not do so. As a result, you might witness a drastic drop in the prices quoted by the latter when compared with that of the former. But,as professional web designers in Toronto, we encourage customers to seek the services of a qualified web developer for their organizations.

Website Design Toronto Prices
Website Design Cost Canada

The Average Web Design Prices in Toronto

It is quite hard to pinpoint an exact price for professional web designs in Toronto. This is because the web design requirements of customers are completely different from one another as their functional and non-functional requirements are not the same. However, a basic website with general functionalities and inexpensive interfaces might be well within the normal affordable range.

But, the more advanced your requirements are, the higher the web design prices might be. This is because tasks such as eCommerce websites and advanced business websites encompass a broad range of complicated features that take time and effort to develop while also reaching high-quality standards. Hence, the work hours required to develop such websites might be significantly higher compared to that required for a basic web design. Therefore, it is normal for you to have to pay a higher price for such designs.

Although there are no fixed prices for web designs, professional web design agencies take several factors into account when determining the pricing for their services. Among them, the following are the core factors that affect the pricing.

The Number of Web Pages

As expected, the number of pages of your website can affect your web pricing. The higher the number of web pages is, the prices of their web design services might also rise.

The Website Functionalities

The type of required functionalities can also factor into the pricing of web design services. This is because the amount of effort required to develop features varies from one another and this variation is incorporated in the cost structure.


If the web design company offers continuous support for your website even after completing the development, the prices charged may spike to reflect the support provided.

Website Updates

If you have a contract with your web designer for future upgrades and versioning of your website, this will also be factored into your service package. As a result, based on the extent of updates and versioning, your pricing may change.

The Non-functional Requirements

When developing Toronto web designs, the professionals will also consider non-functional requirements such as user-friendliness, mobile responsiveness, search engine optimization, and so much more. Hence, based on the expectations your web design cost may change.

The Non-functional Requirements

When developing Toronto web designs, the professionals will also consider non-functional requirements such as user-friendliness, mobile responsiveness, search engine optimization, and so much more. Hence, based on the expectations your web design cost may change.

Basic Website Design Prices Toronto

When it comes to website design, basic websites rank as one of Canada’s most popular low-budget websites. A basic website consists of one to five pages and comes with the simplest designs. Short but sweet; basic website design prices are a great relief to those who seek to start up a cute website for their small businesses.

The basic website is like a digital brochure, with the main service pages sandwiched by a landing home page and a contact page. This is similar to a small business leaflet that you would hand over to your customers. The price for a basic website mainly differs according to the elements you need.

As for basic website design prices, including layouts and graphic would cost from $650 onwards.

  • The domain, depending on its strength and availability, would cost around $25 annually.
  • Web hosting and content updating would generally cost $4.99 per month as ongoing costs.

The actual value between the ranges would be decided by the size of your site and the monthly workload.

Small Business Website Design Prices

Website design prices for small business websites are only a few digits higher than basic websites. A small website is an upgraded version of a basic one, with the very same brochure style and mobile responsiveness.

But the small website prices are higher than basic because the websites have more comprehensive features like website security, website speed optimization, onsite SEO, Google maps, social media integration, and a content management system.

  • The total website design prices for a small business website would range from $950 to $1100.
  • The domain name and hosting cost would be roughly $25 per year and $4.99 per month.

Regular content updates would increase the web design prices for small business websites. However, you can discuss this with your website designer. Here At Intrango, we do minor updates free of charge.

If you own a basic website, it is wise to upgrade it to a small business website because for better search engine visibility, you have to have more indexes in Google.

The Prices Of Ecommerce Web Designs In Toronto

The difference between an ordinary business website and an eCommerce website is the buying and selling functionality. However, depending on the business’s requirements, some customers may go beyond this and request additional eCommerce functionalities such as order management, inventory management, delivery management, and so on.

Thus, your eCommerce web design pricing depends on what your business really needs in its online presence.

Hence, setting up your very own eCommerce website is no longer an impossible task. You can always drop in at our web design agency to make inquiries about your eCommerce requirements, and we are more than happy to provide a quotation based on your needs.

  • The total website design prices for a small business website would range from $950 to $1100.
  • You must also consider spending $100 annually for an SSL certificate

It is easy to find an eCommerce website development company in Toronto. Our eCommerce web designers are more than happy to create websites with modern eCommerce features and functions.

Prices Of Bespoke Website Design

Creating a bespoke website is a costly task. A bespoke website is a requirement for larger business owners, who would need a website that is capable of holding a lot of information, pages and subpages. Non-bespoke websites are surely personalized too, but they are fit inside templates that already exist.

A bespoke website is created especially for your business, where every little detail would be customized to meet your needs. The ultimately original mobile responsiveness that is flawless and smooth can only be experienced in bespoke website designing. If your business is complex and needs a website with high functionality, a bespoke website is the best way to do it.

When it comes to cheap website design prices for bespoke websites in Toronto. The total upfront cost would land somewhere between $4000 - $10000 depending on the size of your website. Web hosting and content updates would add up to $20 - $450 per month. Proper website maintenance is crucial for bespoke websites because the large content spread cannot stay the same every day. A bespoke website is the best way to get your small website to thrive. With the growing sales, it is wiser to switch to bespoke website development.

Prices For Additional Web Design Services

Imagery – Images are a major part of your website which would convince the users of your authenticity. Apart from the images, you can download from the internet, a little reality would always get the customers satisfied. Hire a photographer to snap some authentic shots of your products, workforce, work environment and achievements – so that the web users would believe you better.

Content Writing – Content writers have the power to enhance or destroy your website, which is why you need to choose them carefully. A content writer usually charges $50 for 700 Words, so make sure you hire a talented freelancer or an employee from a reputed web design agency.

SEO – If you do not hire SEO services, the whole process of creating a website, updating its content and paying for website designers goes to waste. Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing organic traffic to your website, resulting in a top position on Google. An SEO consultant In Toronto can get your website to rank on top of the SERP. (Search Engine Results Page) You cannot count on every website design company to offer SEO services, which is why you should hire one that does. Getting SEO services around Toronto is not hard, but be careful to not choose a company that promises results within the first few weeks, because SEO does not work that fast. You can hire a decent SEO agency that provides a genuine service for around $350- $450 per month. Once again, the costs change according to your requirement.

What Does The Pricing of Web Design Services Say About The Designer’s Reputation?

Most people associate expensive web design services with high quality and they naturally assume that if a web designer quotes a lower price then the quality would not meet the expectations. But this is not the case. The pricing of web design services depends on a broad range of valid factors as discussed above. Hence, you cannot conduct a direct comparison between the prices quoted by different professional web developers in Toronto.

If you were to compare the prices between these web developers, then you need to dig a bit deeper and consider what their service packages entail. Chances are that the low web design prices are due to the differences in additional support and services provided by the agency. Hence, do not be quick to assume the worst.

However, some amateur web developers might quote lower pricing to attract customers and establish a loyal customer base. In such scenarios, it is up to you to carry out proper research on the web designer as a website is a huge investment and you do not want to be disappointed in the end.

Web Design Services At Intrango

Having been developing high-quality websites over a long period of time, our web design agency is well experienced and skilled in delivering the best to our customers.

Therefore, in doing so, we make sure to charge reasonable rates as we understand the value of every cent.

So, if you are looking for a reliable web designer in Toronto, Canada, do not hesitate to contact us at any point.

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