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7 Phase Web Design Process of Intrango Web Design

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With many people stepping foot into the online world, it is quite common that a majority of them actually question the basis and need for a website. Most people assume that a website is just another part of a digital marketing campaign, but what people do not know is that it is actually the foundation of an entity’s online activities.

Having your very own website for your operations should be your first milestone in your journey to online marketing. This is because, at the end of the day, all your online marketing activities: may it be email marketing, social media marketing, or even online advertisements, they are all going to end up redirecting visitors to your website.

So what purpose does a website serve in this scenario? Well, to be honest, your website does the most crucial part of your entire online campaign. That is because it is the website that persuades your visitors to turn into customers of your organization - this is usually referred to as a conversion.

A solid, captivating, effective website would bring about amazing conversion rates to your organization, and thereby significantly enhance its performance. If a website is not capable of doing so, that means you need to reengineer your online presence as a site that cannot convert its visitors to customers is of no real use.

Then we move on to a more important question - can anyone develop a value-adding website? Can anyone with coding experience do the job for you? The answer is no. In order to reap the maximum of a professional website, you need to hire the services of a professional web company to design and develop your website.

We take pride in saying that Intrango Web Design is one such place that you could rely on for your Toronto web design and development needs. We follow a comprehensive web design process that makes certain that our clients get the maximum value for their investment. This process consists of 7 carefully crafted stages as follows.

1. Analysis

This phase of our web design process includes the initial information gathering for the website. At this point, our team would follow a thorough procedure to get to know your requirements, goals, purpose of the website, and also the target audience.

2. Planing

At the planning phase of the process, we will map the initial layout for your website. This includes deciding the technologies to be used for the website, the structure of it, and also the sitemap of the website. This would guide our team throughout the design and development of your website.

3. Designing

Our designing phase is not limited to mapping out the outlooks of the website’s interfaces. Rather, we go the extra mile to test the usability of the proposed UIs, because we believe that user experience is vital to the success of a website.

4. Content

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The quality and creativity of the website content can make or break an organization’s online presence. Therefore, our team makes certain to include relevant and value-adding content in different forms such as text, audio, video, and images. Not to forget, the content should not only appeal to your site’s visitors but to the search engines as well.

5. Development

Then comes one of the critical phases of the web design process at Intrango Web Design. Here, our expert crew strives to develop optimized websites with the most suitable technology.

6. Testing

At the testing phase of the development process, our crew validates the functionalities of the website against the original requirements, and also makes sure that the website satisfies all pre-agreed quality factors. Hence, it is not just the technical aspects of the testing that we focus on.

7. Deployment

Once the testing is completed, we move into the deployment phase. Here, we officially handover the developed and tested a website to our clients for their use. If required AND requested, our web developers at Intrango Web Design also offer maintenance and upgrade services at extremely affordable prices.

Hence, if you want to boost your endeavours with a solid website, do contact our Toronto web design agency. We assure you that our experts would deliver the best websites in town at reasonable rates.

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