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How to Brief your Web Designer

Are you wondering how to express your idea for your web designer?

Brief Your Web Designer

A comprehensive brief is the basis of a great web design project. Your main requirements, wishes, and value additions need to be clearly addressed in a brief. Putting all these in a piece of paper is harder than you might think. Worry no more, because our web design agency has a list of important things you should consider before getting a brief.

Tell Us About Your Web Design Need

What do you do? Does your business have a name, a brand, a logo? Maybe you have neither. Maybe you are hoping the web design company will help deliver the ideas you have in mind. Either way, our web designers in Toronto are happy to help.

A website is for a lifetime. Of course, you can change the designs, products and services, and the overall outlook. But the initial impression you create, the branding, and the goals you wish to achieve will last forever.

There is a list of information about your business that will help our web designers do their job perfectly.

  • The services/ products you sell
  • The type of target customers
  • The communities you wish to reach out to
  • Any partnerships/ sponsors you have
  • Your experience
  • Brand stories
  • Any reputation and praise you have received
  • Your vision and mission
  • Whether you contribute to any social/environmental/charity causes

At Intrango web development in Toronto, we love to create seamless designs that speak volumes about your hard work, ambitions and passions.

Why Is A Website Needed?

Apart from the internet being a great influencing platform, there could be numerous reasons why you need a website right away.

  • If you are a startup business
  • If you are rebranding and need a retouch to the website
  • If you already have a website but need to see some changes

Most of the projects received by Toronto web design experts are reconstructions of existing sites. We always offer an in-house hosting option for better convenience.

What Are The Goals Set For Your Website?

Each individual business owner has different aims and objectives. Some wish to increase sales through social media platforms. Some expect to get more calls from potential buyers, whereas some seek to assist them through live chat options.

You may have one or more goals in your mind, but letting us know the approximate number of sales you target will be a great help. If you already own a website, the current rate of visitors you get and the sales you make can help us figure out what your previous web designer has been doing wrong.

What Do You Want The Visitors To Experience?

Our web designers in Toronto are fully qualified to decide the visitors’ experience on the website, but it is your website after all! We respect all your decisions and ideas, which is why our team is just perfect to collaborate with.

We can make your web users feel what you want them to feel. Do you have a different plan for regular customers than for newbies? How would you like to differentiate your customer base, if at all? You might probably have vague and mixed feelings about these. It’s all good because we can make it happen by suggesting better ways or adding new changes.

Let Us Know Your Vibe

The way you perceive style is different from the way someone else does. Maybe you have a competitor whose web design you admire greatly. Maybe you have one whose website gives you a headache.

Brief Your Website

This is basically why your choices of colours, styles, layouts, fonts and usability are highly important. Communicate it to us, because your opinion matters more than anything else.

What Do You Want To Include In The Website?

This question could be extremely simple to answer, or extremely hard; based on what type of business you own. We create everything starting from super simple websites of a couple of pages to complicated eCommerce website designs showcasing a wide variety of products.

You can let the web designers know what your site requirements are, including the number of products and services, links, search filters and mandatory page requirements (if any).

How Much Time Do You Have?

If the website needs to be created on or before a certain time, it is best to let your web designer know beforehand. Intrango web development in Toronto is an expert at meeting deadlines, making them the ideal choice if you have an urgent project to complete.

What Is Your Budget For A website?

This is actually the most fundamental question you have to consider. Opt for affordable web development in Toronto instead of extravagant service providers who keep adding taxes, surcharges and unnecessary costs as the project goes on. We have customizable packages that will go well with limited budgets.

If you are looking for unmatched web design services with guaranteed results, look no further than our affordable web design in Toronto.

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