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10 eCommerce Trends That You Need to Know in 2021

Scale up your e-business with this new trends

Ecommerce Website Trends

Since its initiation in 1995, eCommerce has grown to be a strong force in today’s business world with a broad range of benefits they bring about. They have made a complete change to how the retail industry used to work, and are continuously looking for methods of improvement in order to better serve the customers.

As a leading professional , we have put together a list of 10 latest trends that are becoming increasingly popular in 2020. Hence, if you are a proud owner of an online store, you definitely should check this out.

1. Continuous Growth of Online Sales

There used to be an era where people were hesitant to purchase goods and services online. But this is no longer the case. With the increase of convenience and richened user experience, society has begun to settle into the art of buying and selling online. So much so, that research has estimated a threefold increase in sales within a short period of 7 years.

2. Post-COVID eCommerce

We would be right if we said that COVID has been a major catalyst in boosting the eCommerce industries around the globe. This is owing to the fact that most Governments locked down their countries and cities in order to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. As a result, society had to rely on online shopping and delivery systems in order to get down their needs and requirements. This has created a massive boost in terms of the eCommerce industry’s performance and user base.

3. Increasing Popularity of Mobile Shopping

Within the last few years, we have gotten used to the convenience brought about by the internet and mobile devices. If we step outside of our residences, we often see almost all individuals using their mobile devices for some purpose. The same goes for online stores as well.

With the increasing flexibility and usability caused by , the society has shifted towards making online purchases on their mobile devices without a second thought. Hence, mobile shopping is another trend that you need to focus on for your eCommerce website design.

4. The Growth of Voice Shopping

Voice shopping is the technique of browsing and purchasing products using voice commands instead of visually going through the eCommerce store. The rise of popularity for voice shopping came about with the introduction of Echo - Amazon’s smart speaker that enabled voice shopping.

Since then, more and more users have been experimenting and settling down to using their smart speakers. As of now, the voice shopping experience is still limited to budget products such as food and beverages, but it does show huge growth potential for the eCommerce industry.

5. Social Media and eCommerce

Ecommerce Sales Trends

Social media platforms have played a key role in the eCommerce industry as they empowered businesses to reach a much wider customer base through promotions. From being a force for digital marketing, to actually enabling online buying and selling on the social media platforms itself, they have come a long way. Facebook’s buy button and Instagram’s Checkout option are the most popular examples of social media platforms that have changed the way of online stores.

But store owners also make use of social linking and influencer marketing for their online stores in order to attract potential customers and raise awareness.

6. Eco-Friendly Strategies Affect Purchase Decisions

Owing to the treasure chest of information the society now has access to, the consumers have begun to pay more attention to environmentally friendly strategies and green consumerism. This is especially noticeable with the modern generations who are experimenting with avenues such as vegan meals and cosmetics.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Online Stores

With the advancement of technology, most retailers have started to experiment with AI in order to provide a more enhanced user experience for their customers. Varying from digital conversation bots - chatbots, to the personalized shopping experience, there is a lot that AI can do. Hence, most corporates have heavily invested in Technology for their businesses and are expected to be a driving force in the future.

8. Augmented Reality for a Richer Experience

One of the main drawbacks of online shopping is the inability to touch and feel the product for yourself. This is to change pretty soon as this is where AR comes in. Analysts claim that more than 120,000 stores would be making use of AR technologies by 2022. This AR technology would allow the customers to enjoy a better shopping experience online by being able to explore products and services like they were in a physical store.

9. Personalized Shopping Experience

Personalization is a smart way to attract and retain a loyal customer base as it makes the customers feel valued and treasured. Therefore, from customized emails to personalized product recommendations, eCommerce websites are exploring innovative ways to enrich the shopping experience with increased personalization.

10.Visual Commerce for eCommerce Websites

Visual commerce redirects the eCommerce website designs from using simple static images to much richer visual content such as interactive graphics, user-generated content, and interactive videos. According to research, nearly 75% of users research visual content for products and services prior to making a purchase decision, which is why visual commerce is expected to become a major revolutionary force for eCommerce.

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