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UX Design Trends to Watch Out In 2020

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UX Design Trends

We, as humans are always inclined to go ahead with the things that are more appealing - fortunately, or unfortunately, that is how we are built. The same goes when it comes to UX design as well. With the rapid advancement of technology, people have evolved to grow alongside the changes, and thus, they are continuously in the watch out for better appealing designs and user experiences.

Ergo, we are now in an era where all technological designs and experiences are centered on what our users expect. If your website is not attractive enough or does not adhere to the current trends in the market, the chances are that your users would rather shift to another application that serves the same purpose.

If you are someone working in the UX field and are looking at what your users expect during this era, the following content is just for you because we have put together the most popular UX design trends in 2020.

The Dark Mode

Dark Mode Of UX

The dark mode has been one of technology’s latest evolvements in the recent past. In comparison to the light and colorful interfaces that were popular among users back then, the dark or black themes are what users prefer nowadays. Not to leave out, even Science has proven that people tend to tire their eyes once they stare at colorful backgrounds for too long.

Since Android and Apple mobile operating systems implemented an inbuilt dark mode for their devices, a large number of applications also have modified their designs to accommodate a dark mode. Among them, some of the most popular dark theme applications are YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify. While some of these applications have enabled this theme is a customizable option for individual users, other applications have made the dark theme their default fixed background.

Moreover, do take note that a dark theme is not fitting for ALL applications. The applicability of this theme depends on what your application is used for and what your users would desire. Therefore, make sure that you conduct a thorough analysis of both your audience and the market standards, prior to choosing which theme to go ahead with.

Inclusive Design

Not every single person expects the same Los Angeles web design attributes, because each person’s wants may depend on their circumstances. This is where inclusive design kicks in. Inclusive design is based on articulating a product with the help of ideas and opinions gained from several types of people.

In doing so, the designer expects to devise the best possible product by analyzing the different requirements presented by the user groups - to find a middle ground. This inclusive web design Los Angeles process empowers the creator to develop a product that would be able to survive in the market for a considerable period of time.

Principles of the inclusive design process

A solution should be able to cater to many types of people

Each design solution that is devised should be able to cater to multiple types of people rather than just one. In UX designs, the designers are usually encouraged to primarily focus on the users with permanent disabilities as when doing so, a significant number of people would automatically benefit from the design.

Include only what is necessary

The inclusion of different people in the web design process might expose you to a wide range of differing requirements from each party. However, it is not practically possible to come up with a design that incorporates all these requirements. Therefore, a good designer would analyze the user perspectives and choose to go-ahead with only those that are necessary and worthwhile.

Include different perspectives

When dealing with UX designs, do consider other people’s perspectives as well. This would help you cater to a large number of users with fewer errors and confusion.

Password-less Login Options

All of us have forgotten a password at least once in our lives - well, to be honest, so many times. This is why web designers LA are now looking into login options that do not require user passwords. This design trend is already being practiced by tech giants like Microsoft, and it is becoming more popular due to the convenience it brings to the users. Hence, do look into password-less login options for your applications as well.

Air-Gesture Control

Air-gesture control was originally introduced by Apple due to the revolutionary advancements of the touch screen devices. Using these controls users are able to get things done on their devices without actually being in contact with the device screen. From taking screenshots to shifting between apps, air-gesture controls have turned out to be one of the most popular trends in 2020.

Moving Beyond The Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu icon used to be extremely popular since being introduced into applications. However, UX design trends are now moving away from the use of this icon, especially because of its inconvenient location on the top left corner of the screen. As a result, most Los Angeles web designers are coming up with their own customized interfaces. The most recent hamburger icon removal was seen on Spotify where its designers claimed to go with a more appealing option for its menus.

Moving Beyond The Hamburger Menu

UX Content is no longer just about how beautifully written they are. With the increasing importance of varying applications, users now prefer meaningful and useful content that actually carries a particular value and ensures that the user is focused on what is being done.

The following are a few useful suggestions that you could incorporate into your UX content.

  • Be on point. Communicate only what the user needs to know
  • Focus on the key elements of the content
  • Use past the tense and active voice in the content
  • Use visuals when needed
  • Provide concise content such that the user does not need to do his own research for what is being done

Using Micro-Interactions

Micro-Interactions are an up and coming UX design trend that is used on many popular applications such as Facebook and Instagram. Micro-interactions are the small animations that let the user interact with the design, and thereby, giving the user a more attractive and interactive experience. The most common micro-interactions we see on a daily basis are the like mini-interaction on Instagram, and the reactions available on Facebook.

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