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Different Marketing Channels Of A Website

How to optimize marketing channels for your website

Website Marketing Channels

Obtaining and analyzing the data about the incoming traffic to your website can provide you with extremely valuable insights for the marketing of your website. These insights also give the website designer about the overall looks and tools that should be made available on that particular page that will appeal the most to the visitors who are directed to the page from their particular channels.

At the , we take this seriously. We encourage our clients to brief us about their marketing needs so that we can customize the website with our inherent expertise in Modern Marketing channels for websites.

An example can be shown as below. If most of the traffic you receive at your page is from a platform like Facebook or Instagram, there is a high chance that a similar user interface and tools will appeal to those visitors. Thereby, your page will make them feel very comfortable and homely.

If the majority of the incoming traffic is directed through organic search, your website marketing could be substantially benefited from our well structured and affordable SEO packages. We can make sure that your website will appear in the organic searches for the appropriate keywords.

Let’s dig a little deeper into these various sources of traffic.

Organic Search

When someone searches a particular set of keywords on a search engine such as yahoo, bing, or google, and lands on your page, they add up to the traffic category of organic search. If the visitor had not clicked on any advert during this redirection, it also falls under the subcategory of unpaid traffic. Prior to the recent updates in privacy laws, google analytics used to offer the owner the ability to view the keywords searched by those visitors.

Unfortunately, this feature is now limited to google paid adverts which is google AdWords. If you are currently employing or are hoping to employ such a campaign, the analytics data will enable your to fine-tune your website’s SEO during the construction of the website.

Direct Traffic

In a case where your business is promoted through other media like ATL or printed, the visitor already is aware of your business or your website. But since they do not have to click on any links, adverts, or use a search engine during the process, they arrive at the site by directly entering the Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

Paid (PPC)

This category is exactly what the name implies. The paid advertisements that appear in the search engine results (aka pay per click) and adverts posted on social media direct paid traffic to your website. You can also employ a type called remarketing ads, which display adverts on other web-pages and repeatedly display them to the user as long as the cookies are available on the particular browser.

Increase Organic Website Traffic

Referral Traffic

This is similar to the direct traffic, except the fact that whatever the external source though which the visitors learn about your business is also provided with the URL to directly land on your site.

This type of traffic is inherently valuable, given they have already been given recommendations by a person/ website/ any other platform that hopefully shares the same interests with your website. This drives more businesses to improve their referral traffic by implementing several strategies like these mentioned below

  • Your business and web page can always benefit from some good word of mouth. Collaborate with influencers who share the interests, to get recommendations, and to put up promotions such as giveaways.

  • A constant and vibrant presence in social media will keep your potential customers and visitors in the loop. Make sure the content that you post is up to a good standard to attract more referral traffic.

  • Visual content is far more appealing to us as humans. Well outlined videos guarantee a substantial flow of guests

  • Various online forums and question answering platforms also allow you to post referral links. These can be a good way to build up a loyal base of constant visitors, as well as to spread the word about your brand/ company.
    Post questions and submit answers to available questions on the subjects that your company expertise in, while also putting forward links to your pages. Keep it subtle, you don’t want to be kicked out of the forums for spam.

Google Analytics offers a set of basic summaries and details about the traffic sources for your website. Reviewing them and incorporating SEO both on and off-page is vital to direct more and more quality traffic to your website, and it makes your web design stand out of the rest. But getting this done by someone in-house could be resource exhausting.

At Intrango web design, we offer the that suit a wide range of requirements, in terms of your company goals, and expanse. We will take care of your unique and customized SEO requirements and leave only what matters the most, to you; running the real business.

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