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Does Rankbrain Algorithm Change The Way We Do SEO?

Effect Of Rankbrain Algorithm On SEO

Rankbrain Algorithm Change

All About Google RankBrain

When Google decides which results come first and which last, there is no way that it could rely solely on pre-programming all its algorithms. In October 2015, Google introduced RankBrain; the machine learning feature that taught itself by analyzing the input of data. Before RankBrain was out there, Google’s algorithm was used in figuring out which results to be brought up in the search query.

Tables turned when RankBrain was introduced because now the search query is said to travel through an interpretation model that is capable of identifying and analyzing different factors related to each user. Logically speaking, factors such as the searcher’s location, search history, recorded custom details, and the words and phrases used in the search query will be scrutinized by RankBrain.

Out of a million possible search results that might fit, RankBrain thus identifies the most suited results for each particular searcher and displays them on top.

Process Of RankBrain

Google has not featured machine learning in any of the updates before RankBrain, which is why this became quite a hot topic at the time. The process of Rankbrain starts from Google feeding it data from different sources, based on a method of calculation and analysis. With the time being, this algorithm will start associating signals with results that correspond. These self-taught connections will be recorded in RankBrain for later use. RankBrain functions like artificial intelligence and will keep educating itself constantly.

Does Rankbrain Algorithm Alter How We Do SEO?

If an SEO consultant says that RankBrain has not affected the way SEO is done, you should definitely find an SEO agent that believes otherwise. As trusted LA SEO consultants, we believe that SEO practices need to be fashioned so as to compete with the challenges RankBrain has imposed. This AI introduced by Google has its fundamental focus on the contextual details of the searcher and the query. In like manner, an SEO consultant needs to follow a more contextualized approach to keep up with Google’s method of machine learning.

SEO And RankBrain

Associating Signals With Queries

Before RankBrain existed, SEO practitioners focused on optimizing web pages through methods such as link building, keyword usage and producing original content. Important though they still are; considerable attention must be paid on addressing the user’s needs and intent. User’s needs may change from one query to another, and the SEO consultant has to investigate the common areas of interest a user is more likely to have when it comes to the product or service you are selling.

For instance, if you have an eCommerce website, it will be ideal to invest more time and effort in updating your products and understanding the latest consumer trends.

Understanding Users’ Interests And Yours

The main goal of SEO is to make your website a trusted source of information for people as well as search engines all over the world. It is expected that your brand gives the users the expected search results, every time without a fail. Gaining popularity and being recommended by a search engine would open wider doors to aim for keywords that you really want to optimize.

For each website owner, the definition of reputation may hit differently. The reputation you are looking for could be based on uniqueness, profundity, link variation, users’ experience, or any other factor. However, the content you create and the SEO techniques you intend to follow must be specific to the user signals you seek to address. With RankBrain functioning the way it does, you cannot appear everywhere at once. Google will rather recognize you as a brand that caters to a particular niche, and that is exactly where you should channel your SEO interests at.

Merging Keywords

With RankBrain serving the functional role of an algorithm, SEO can no longer trust the method of optimizing different keywords that indicate the same meaning. Your “cake pan” should not be “cake pan” in one page, “cake pans” in another, “cake tin” in another, “cake mould” in another and “baking pan” somewhere else. An SEO consultant who knows the concept of RankBrain would never follow an outdated method as such.

Instead, it will be replaced with a much practical approach in which all the phrases will be merged into a diverse body of content. Keywords will be used to match the everyday trends used in natural human conversation. Instead of dedicating pages and pages to write separately about cake pan and cake pans, an SEO consultant needs to be merging medium-tail keywords with informative content.

Adapt To RankBrain

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