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WordPress vs. Drupal – Which Should You Use In 2021?

Which CMS System To Choose In 2021?

WordPress Vs Drupal

Are you finding it hard to choose a content management system for your latest website? Is it a choice of WordPress vs Drupal? This article will give you insight into both and help you with your decision.


WordPress first made its debut as a blogging platform in 2003. It has since come a long way. Now, WordPress is the most popular content management system across the world. Sixty million websites, including a portion of the top 10 million websites, utilize WordPress. Time, The New Yorker, Mercedes Benz, Sony and Techcrunch famously use WordPress.

The Benefits Of WordPress

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You can make use of the various plugins available to optimize your website. is the plugin we recommend. It is the most popular SEO plugin and is easy to configure.
SEO helps improve user experience and produces more leads. It ranks your website higher in search engines like Google. This will help you attract more repeat customers.

Control On Your Website

It can be instinctive to depend on a . With WordPress, you can make updates to the website on your own. This allows you to have control over every little part of your website.

WordPress Or Drupal

Easy User-Interface

The simple and easy user interface of WordPress lets even the less technically skilled people build their websites. It allows us to add new pages, articles and images etc without any hassle.

No Technical Skills Required

WordPress is a self-contained system. You don't need to be equipped with skills in HTML, CSS or FTP software to build your website.

Creates Mobile Responsive Websites

If your website is responsive to many devices, it is bound to help with the Google rankings. WordPress offers many responsive theme designs. This option allows even beginners to create

Scalable To Suit The Business

As your business grows, your website will have to grow with it. WordPress allows you to add an infinite amount of new pages to your website. The advantage is that in no way will it harm the performance of the website.

WordPress Is Free

The WordPress software is published under the GNU General Public License. This allows WordPress to be downloaded and used for free. The ability of WordPress to add so many websites to one dashboard also helps with maintaining the budget for new projects.

WordPress vs Drupal is our concern. Let us now take a look at the benefits Drupal has to offer.


Drupal is an open-source content management system. It powers many websites as well as web applications and mobile applications. Drupal is the perfect fit for websites that attract a lot of traffic and that include heavy content.

Benefits Of Drupal


Drupal is different because it is continuously changing to be better. Yet, it remains one of the three most popular content management systems. It is known to be a steady and reliable system.

Seamless Translation

In the debate of WordPress vs Drupal, one point that helps Drupal is its ability to translate content to any language. Drupal assumes the preferred language of the user by assessing the IP address, URL etc.
It then translates every part of the website. This is a massive .

WordPress Vs Drupal

Advanced Security

Drupal is known for keeping your data and website extremely safe. Drupal has a team of experts, high coding standards and a community review process to take care of security.

Marketing Automation

Drupal has all the tools and modules needed to integrate automated marketing platforms easily. User interaction will be able to trigger various marketing automation on the site.

Intuitive Design and Editing

After the initial set-up, it is a matter of dragging and dropping to design your website on Drupal.


A benefit that goes both ways in the debate of WordPress vs Drupal is that it is also easy to access. You only need a computer that is connected to the internet.

What To Choose, WordPress Or Drupal?

The types of websites that will benefit from either are different. Drupal will cater more towards high traffic, heavy content-based websites. WordPress will cater to user-friendly, low-cost websites that have a simple design.

Web design is a very popular field from which many people get help. Whichever content management system you choose, will be able to help you with your website build for 2021. WordPress vs Drupal; the choice should always be what fits best for you.

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