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Tips For Shopify Web Design

Shopify Web Designing For Your Business

Tips For Shopify Web Design

Online stores are quickly becoming people’s favourite mode of shopping, especially during the pandemic. But despite the increasing demand, not all online stores manage to succeed in their ventures and having a solid online presence plays a major role in this. Because when it comes to online stores, your digital aura attracts and retains potential customers.

But when we say digital aura, we need to emphasize the importance of your website. Because when it comes to an online presence, your website is the primary customer touchpoint, and hence, it needs to be great. This does not mean that you need to invest in a colossal amount of time and cash because eCommerce platforms like Shopify make things easier.

So today, we decided to put together six excellent tips for Shopify web design that would help boost your Shopify website. Let us take a look.

1. Pick the IDEAL Theme

A website’s theme speaks to its audience, and hence, it can affect your user’s impression of you. After all, they do say that the first impression lasts the longest. This is why it is essential to pick the right theme to communicate your true values to your users.

So, here is what is great about Shopify. Shopify has a library that holds hundreds of amazing templates that you can choose from. While some of these templates are available for free, they also have premium templates whose prices range between $100 to $180. Having said that, now we come across another issue - how do we pick the ideal theme for our website?

Shopify Ideal Theme

Well, the following are a few valuable questions that you can ask yourself when picking a theme.

  • How should my products be displayed?
  • What eCommerce features can I make use of?
  • What should our user shopping experience be like?
  • How much can I afford to invest in web design?

But, regardless of which theme you pick, make sure that it is a mobile-friendly option. Because in today’s advanced digital world, mobile responsiveness is a MUST since we will have users browsing your website on various devices with different screen sizes.

Shopify Theme Features

2. Make Use Of The Apps Available

Apps for Shopify is what plugins are for WordPress. So by using these apps, you get to integrate a variety of wonderful features into your . The following are some of the main categories of apps that are now available on Shopify.

  • Sales
  • Products
  • Marketing
  • Orders and delivery management
  • Stock Management
  • Payment
  • Product filters
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Analytics and Reporting

Hence, may it be delivery scheduling, purchasing, billing, or even customer support, you will be able to find useful Shopify apps for any of your eCommerce operations.

Shopify Available Apps

3. Improve The Website Loading Speed

Were you aware that businesses make billions of losses just because their websites took longer to load? Well, it is true. Because with the advancement of technologies, the competition is startling. So no one wants to waste their time on a website that takes long to load, especially when they have other options out there.

Therefore, if you are building your website with Shopify, do not forget to test its performance. Utilize tools such as that will enlighten you on your website’s loading speed.

If by any chance you realize that your site takes too long to load, the following are a few things that you could do to improve its speed.

  • Use Shopify Themes
Although Shopify lets you use third-party themes and templates, these may come with in-built features that hinder your website’s performance. Therefore, when choosing a theme, make it a point to opt for a instead.
  • Compress Visual Files
While visuals such as images, GIFs, and videos are ideal for gaining user attention, they may occupy large file sizes. To optimize your website’s performance, make sure that you compress such files. This is one of the essential tips for .
  • Monitor the Apps and Widgets you use
Apps and widgets bring an amazing spectrum of features to your site, but too much is not good either. So, when choosing apps and widgets for your website, make sure that they serve a purpose. Else, the chances are that they would do more harm than good.

4. Visualize Your Products for your Customers

One of the main drawbacks of online stores is that your customers do not get to touch and feel the products you have to offer. The best way to get past this is by instead providing them visual aids that would connect them to your products and services. Hence, including images, mini clips, and videos on your eCommerce website would help you a great deal.

But when doing so, do not forget to upload quality visual aids that are clear and concise. If possible, try to visualize your product from all angles as well.

5. Use Elements That Will Encourage Your Prospects to Connect

Elements like social media and email subscription buttons are incredibly useful when connecting with your potential customers. Because if your users are interested, they will make it a point to connect with you through the options available.

Therefore, when setting up your eCommerce website, do not forget to include elements that will link your leads to your company.

6. Stay Simple

Last but not least, the greatest tip is - stay simple. Do not try to overcrowd, overdesign, or in simple terms - overdo it. Your ultimate goal has to be to provide the best user experience, and to do, make it a point to stick to a simple and user-friendly design. Whitespaces are a powerful tool that comes into play in simple designs because they help direct your audience’s focus to where it is needed. Therefore, it is essential to avoid issues when hiring a web designer.

Shopify Varieties

At the same time, keep your themes, colours, and visuals catchy. But make sure that they are not overwhelming or confusing either.

Setup Your Very Own Shopify Store

So now is the time that you get to set up your very own eCommerce website. Contact our , and we will guide you in kickstarting your Shopify store. Together, we can help build a solid digital presence for your business and thereby reach great heights.

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