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A Few Tips For Effective E-commerce Website Design

Proven tips for designing a effective eCommerce Website

Effective Ecommerce Website Design

At present, nearly everything that we do on a daily basis including shopping and banking is done on the web. Therefore, now seems to be the perfect time to engage in online business incorporating a website design that can attract users and where they can browse with ease to access the details and services they want.

Whatever the business you are involved in, it is important that you step into the online business realm. An e-commerce platform helps you to develop a brand name, connect with more customers, and push more products. can help you in building your e-commerce website.

When designing an e-commerce business platform, the architecture of the website is important. While your website has to look good, it also needs to push customers to buy your products. Visitors will find a website engaging if it is good looking and provides all the necessary information and will be ultimately driven towards becoming a prospective customer.

Listed below are the top 15 tips for creating a great e-commerce website

1. Follow The KISS Principle

KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly) is the best principle to follow when designing your e-commerce website.

Simple is the best because the more elements there are on the website, the more it diverts the attention of the visitors from the main goals of the website. Therefore, it is always better to keep your design simple and straightforward, focusing on the primary goal.

2. Prioritize Your Brand

When shopping online, most people focus on buying from recognized brands instead of unknown sites that are looking to capture your credit card details.

In order to establish trust among customers, it is important to conduct a genuine marketing campaign because, in e-commerce, your marketing campaigns are like the DNA of your business.

It all comes down to your business’s image - what you do and how you stand out among the competitors. It has a tremendous influence on developing a connection with people and increasing sales.

3. Think From A Visitor’s Perspective

If you want to that will grasp the attention of your target audience, it is important to look at it from their perspective. In the end, there are a few key aspects that prospective buyers would search for on the website. If you want your business to be successful, your e-commerce website should be designed in a way that your customers will have a trouble-free shopping experience.

4. Choose Colors Wisely

Color is a fundamental aspect that can be used to your advantage if you understand how the brain reacts to different colors and shades. Different colors can cause changes in emotions and human behavior. Choosing the appropriate shading can help your e-commerce web page or social media page design to convert more visitors.

5. Visualize With Images

Images play an important role when it comes to triggering conversions, especially in the e-commerce business.

People buy what they see. Therefore, you have to display eye-catching images of your products for the people to see.

The image of your online business lies upon the logo. Hence, it should be designed by a skilled graphic designer so that it will effectively attract the interest of your target market.

6. Focus On Posting Readable Content

You can spend ages making lengthy descriptions for the products on your e-commerce website.

But, as revealed by research, around 20% of the content can be found by visitors on any random web page. Instead of chasing exact content, they generally focus on some key details.

Hence, in order to convey what you have in mind, you should make the content readable.

7. Give It A Professional Touch

Your e-commerce website's primary objective is to convince people to purchase your products and/or services. Thus, it’s architecture, appearance and functionality need to be compelling. Your logo must be designed in a way that better reflects the message and effectively captures the interest of the target audience market.

Investing in a professional website designing is important if you wish to establish trust among the customers. Seek the services of a qualified yet and a graphic designer if you wish to give a professional look to your e-commerce platform. Establishing trust is a must if you wish your online store to thrive.

8. Show Them Proof

Ecommerce Website Design

While designing your e-commerce website, look for ways to give your prospective customers the valuable feedback you have obtained from your existing customers.

Have a review section where people can rate the products (and try to obtain as many 5-star reviews as possible).

9. Make The Products Easy To Find

Nothing will destroy a prospective sale faster than inconvenient product pages. If your prospective customers need to get through a maze before they find the product they 're looking for, they'll hurry away to look for the product on a rival’s site.

10. Make Checkout Hassle-free

The most irritating thing to the visitors is a complicated checkout. If your checkout process is torturous, you will lose customers. If you want people to buy from you, the path towards buying should be as simple, transparent, and painless as possible.

11. Mobile Is The Trend

Mobiles have surpassed desktop as the most common medium for browsing the web, not to mention online shopping.

It is important to ensure that your website has a , in order to reach out to mobile users. The logo should be mobile compatible as well.

Otherwise, you certainly won't convince such mobile users to buy from your site.

12. Be Frank About Prices

When designing your e-commerce site, ensure that you are consistently out-front and honest regarding the price of the products. Seek not to mask the details or make it difficult for visitors to explore your site. You shouldn’t let them feel that they are being scammed.

13. Help Them Search

Most visitors entering your site will have a specific product on their minds. The search bar option allows them to find that product easily without spending time on other pages that they are not interested in.

If the customer cannot easily find the product they are looking for on your site, they tend to look for it somewhere else.

14. Let It Flow

You ought to make things as clear as possible for visitors to find the products they are looking for and purchase. When designing your e-commerce website, consider how the eye naturally flows. According to studies, people tend to explore sites in an E or F structure, starting at the top left and bringing their eye across the page.

15. Use Grid Style

Typically, grid layout is the most suitable for online business platforms. It’s better to have the products organized into grids to make it easy for customers to explore them. Be cautious not to stuff a huge range of different products in one line. Limiting a line for three or four products is the best.

You can and seek support from platforms like WordPress if you wish.


It can be difficult to build a business website. Nevertheless, as now you're familiar with the best tips to create an excellent design for your e-commerce site, you can create a good-looking website.

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