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5 Powerful Human Behaviour Techniques

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Techniques To Evaluate Your Website

Some just underestimate the power websites hold. Unlike a physical store where people can roam around and explore, a website offers a limited experience. But that is all the more reason why a website should be designed to perfection. Within the limited space of a website, your potential customers will look forward to experiencing simplicity and excellence.

Humans are certainly not robots. You cannot fashion your website in a particular way to make all of them 100% satisfied. Nonetheless, you can play around with their decision-making process, usually sparked by the “gut-feeling”. Take it from our renowned web designer Toronto; web designing can be transformed into a marketing magnet if you understand the way the human brain works in making decisions.

Here are some golden tips on how to effectively use an understanding of human psychology in the process of designing impactful websites.


Most Toronto web design agencies skip the most crucial step: priming. This works on a simple theory; the human instinct of agreeing and disagreeing. Priming is the method of starting small and gradually making your customers agree. Commonly known as the “foot in door” technique, this presents a visitor with a small task that needs to be completed. Make sure to avoid heavy steps and payments to make the task as simple as possible. Once your customer agrees to do it and experiences something positive, it will be easier for you to step up your game and present the customers with more experiences afterwards. Simply speaking, you are preparing the customers to make bigger purchases without even realizing it.

Some examples of effective priming are;

  1. Like/ comment/ share on social media
  2. Download free brochures, e-books, guides
  3. Subscribe to newsletters
  4. Subscribe to the email list
  5. Read blogs (The blogs should be informative, fun and original)


The feeling of gratitude and the need to pay a positive gesture with another positive gesture is inherent to human nature. Reciprocity/mutuality is the mutual feeling of admiration for an act of kindness. At first, this might sound like some emotional rant, but our web designers Toronto have found a way to apply this theory to online businesses.

Things like free quotes, free samples, freebies, new-user discounts, and free follow-ups always make your customers warm up to you. This powerful marketing strategy will cost you a bit extra, but the expense can surely be covered with the increased sales.

Put yourself in a customer’s position. Would you not love to receive special offers, discounts, and freebies? You sure will! A feeling of appreciation will convince the customer to purchase, repurchase, and recommend. This will unmistakably boost your conversion rates.

Social Evidence

There is a well-known but often ignored secret when it comes to effective web design in Toronto. Even if the internet does not allow physical contact, it offers a vast platform where people of different places come together. Humans always love to share experiences and opinions. The greatest way to encourage buyers is through building trust. Most of the purchases online are influenced by other people’s recommendations and feedback. This is why it is important to share social evidence of your excellence to customers-to-be. There’s a bunch of things your Toronto web design partner can do to spread the word.

  1. Postpositive reviews and feedback on the website
  2. Get support from other trusted brands
  3. Prove genuineness through certifications (McAfee, SSL)
  4. Let the visitors know of your past projects


It is no secret that rare things can be sold for higher prices. If what you sell cannot be found easily in someplace else, customers will want to grab it while it’s available. The technique is simple, just spice things up by creating an air of urgency and scarcity!

Some of the best methods used by web designers in Toronto are;

  1. “Special edition”/ “Limited stock” tags
  2. “First come-first served” basis
  3. Countdown sales


If customers can get a product or service for a lower price than the original price, they are more likely to go for it. By anchoring, you can display discounts on your website in attractive ways. For instance, the retail price can be crossed and a lower price can be displayed right below. People tend to ignore the crossed-out price and focus on the new price.

If the Toronto web design company you hire can make maximum use of these truths about human psychology, you will notice a visible growth in conversion, positive feedback and new visits.

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