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Risk Of Using Social Media Without A Website

Why you should use a website instead of using social media?

Risk Of Social Media For A Website

Some might assume that a smaller business might mean a lesser workload.

Little do they know about all the challenges small business owners face every day, with no one else to help out than the small staff. In large-scale businesses, tasks are divided among different teams, thus making the process a lot more manageable.

With all the work that a business owner has to attend to, web development and management seem to be extra responsibilities. Regardless of how diligent your teammates are, fretting over website management is genuinely going to occupy a lot of time from their daily work schedule. Some business owners have websites that have not been updated or fixed in ages.

Due to all these reasons, there is a higher tendency in small business owners in Toronto to maintain social media accounts instead of websites. The ratio of those who choose social media over websites is 1:5. Social media sure does help increase sales, but the expert opinion is that a website is mandatory.

You might wonder why. This article will explore three risks involved with picking social media over a website.

Risk Of Algorithm Changes In Social Media

By 2018, Facebook was so popular indeed. With the rise of its popularity, complaints about fake accounts and illegitimate business profiles rose too. As a result, Facebook started giving priority to personal statements and reducing the attention given to commercial accounts.

Some might argue that the algorithm changes in Facebook will not affect other social media platforms. Instagram indeed is one of the popular alternatives, but the sudden algorithm changes in Facebook offers a fair warning about every other social media platform as well.

Platforms such as MySpace, Google Plus and Friends Reunited that used to be famous a few years ago are no longer sought out by people. There is no telling when and how the same thing will happen to Instagram and Facebook.

This risk of unpredictable downfalls is one of the primary reasons why any business should have a website of its own.

Conversion Are Not Guaranteed

Why Not Social Media

The fact that a lot of people are following your page on social media does not necessarily mean that your revenues will increase. According to surveys, 46% of the people who follow social media accounts do not have the actual need to buy. Some followers are interested in checking out new product trends, entering contests, and getting free products. Thus, social media conversion rates are not as promising as one might think.

Social media platforms should, therefore, be portals that direct the interested visitors to the websites. The website should be where further details of your products, services, offers, blogs and contact details are included. Websites should have clear cut options for purchasing products. Most importantly, a website validates your presence on social media and lets the potential customers know that you are a genuine brand selling legitimately.

Directing your followers to the website helps increase your conversion rate dramatically because a website completes the act of purchasing a product rather than just checking it out.

Social Media Generalizes Brands

As creating a business profile on a social media platform might seem very individualistic, many assume that branding works well in social media. You can indeed add a profile picture, logo and description to the account, but customization always does not work the way you want it to.

What social media platforms do is to bring many brands together in one newsfeed and give the user an optimum experience with various choices. Even though many of the users will scroll through their timelines and accidentally see your products, very few will take the trouble to click on your profile. The merging of brands, products and people in social media is concentrated to an extent where a distinct identity is almost impossible.

Your website is yours and yours only. You can create and communicate your business personality there. Each font, each image and each colour matters to create a unique identity as a business. This is why having your own website is way more beneficial than having to abide by the rules and ethics of a social media platform.

Use Social Media To Complement Your Business Strategy

It is not healthy to depend solely on social media to boost your sales. This does not mean it is healthy to maintain a website and a website only. Merging, the two will always give better results.

While you are promoting your brand, logo, products and services on the official website, use social media as side support to gain better visibility. Toronto business owners are more inclined to get a website designed by . As building websites have become more affordable with time, you will find it much easier to maintain social media accounts alongside it.

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