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Ecommerce Design Best Practices: 6 Ecommerce Website Tips

Ecommerce Desing Practices

Ecommerce Design Best Practices

When it comes to websites and their effectiveness, web design plays a crucial role. This is exactly why most professional eCommerce website designers emphasize how important it is to have a solid design to improve usability and experience. Because your users’ first impression of your website is going to last long, so, you cannot afford to take a risk. Hence, let us tell you about six eCommerce design best practices to make your online business successful.

1. Make Use Of The White Space

White space is an amazing tool that can be leveraged to structure and organize your website. Though they look pretty simple, they help create focus areas in the website while also diminishing the congested feeling you see on most websites. This will enforce pleasantness on the users’ conception and lead to better engagement and longer session times. Hence, strategically positioned white spaces are one of the most beloved tools of the . Because with white spaces, you can create a more user-friendly and effective website design.

2. Create Responsive Websites

With the evolution of mobile devices, people have begun to browse the internet on various screens - all in different sizes. So much so that nearly 75% of online browsing and shopping is said to be now done on such devices. So as an eCommerce store owner, you can never predict on what your users would browse your store. But instead, what you can do is invest in a that will transition smoothly based on the user’s screen size.

As a learning web design company in Canada, we have seen the significance of responsive web designs. We have noticed increases in user traffic, engagement, and even on-site times. Moreover, mobile responsiveness also factors into your website ranking as we now have algorithms that give higher weightage to websites with responsive designs. Therefore, if you are about to hire a web design agency for your online store, do not forget to check on responsiveness.

3. Simplify The Website Navigation

Having simplified navigation is yet another one of the eCommerce design best practices. Because this navigation is going to lead your users through your website, they have to be able to grasp the logic behind your navigation within seconds, and they should be comfortable using it.

So when setting up your eCommerce website, make it a point to use a simplified navigation system. Use web page grouping to give your audience a sense of direction based on product categories and utilize search bars to give your users a faster filtering option.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Next on our list of eCommerce design best practices is SEO. If you want to , then SEO is a MUST. This optimization leads to your eCommerce website being ranked higher than your competitors’, and this top ranking will bring in more visibility to your online store. So, how do you make this happen?

  • Use keywords to reap more relevant user traffic.
  • Improve your site’s performance - focus on the load time
  • Create unique, relevant, and meaningful content

Ecommerce Design Best Practices

When looking into the above, you will realize that there are various online tools such as KeywordsFX, Google Trends, and Google PageSpeed Insights that can help you out. Using these tools, you will be able to optimize your website and thereby rank better on search engine results pages.

5. Avoid Lengthy Checkout Processes

Optimizing the checkout process is another one of the eCommerce design best practices. The more complex and time-consuming your checkout process is, the higher the rate of cart abandonments you are going to see. Because, the chances are that your users are not going to want to waste time going through additional complicated steps, such as creating profiles, when they are the ones paying for the service.

6. Test, Test, And Test

Last but not least, on the list of eCommerce design best practices are testing. Testing lets you identify problematic areas of your eCommerce site, ad show your probable improvement areas. So, if you are looking to create one of the , make sure that testing is a part of your schedule.

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