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Features Of An Ecommerce Website

What should you include in your eCommerce website to optimize the sales?

Ecommerce Website Features

If you are a business selling products and functioning around Toronto, Canada, you would surely know the importance of operating your very own eCommerce website. After all, in this era where almost everything is done online, buying and selling have also been made more convenient through these online stores.

But unfortunately, not all eCommerce stores realize their true potential and this is mainly due to the shortcomings in their eCommerce web designs. Hence, as a professional web design company in Toronto, we have put together a list of focus areas that should be considered when designing and developing a solid online store.

1. Leverage High Internet Bandwidth

Most online customers often shy away from eCommerce websites that take too long to load. This is because today’s advanced technology facilitates high internet speeds and thereby shorter loading times for websites.

Hence, modern customer expectations are aligned with these fast speeds, and as a result, they expect your online store to load within a matter of 1 or 2 seconds. Therefore, a successful eCommerce website will assure enhanced performance by leveraging high internet bandwidths.

2. Mobile Responsiveness

Analysis has proven that a considerable proportion of online purchases happen while on the go. Not to forget, mobile devices are most people’s champion choices even while at home because they offer a great deal of convenience in terms of usage.

It is because of this that responsiveness has become a primary requirement of websites nowadays. Responsive web designs will ascertain that your site visitors would be able to easily navigate through your website from screens of different sizes, without an issue. This user-friendly eCommerce website design would surely help your business outsmart your competitors in the online sphere.

3. Verify The Information You Share

When it comes to buying and selling online, confidence is crucial. This is owing to the fact that customers do not make purchases from online vendors that they do not trust.

This is why providing accurate information is important and this is specifically important for the most basic details such as contact information and product details. This accuracy would be a strong foundation for building up a trusting bond between you and your stakeholders.

4. Ensure Easy Navigation

We always emphasize the importance of user experience as a professional web design company in Toronto. One other way of ensuring good user experience is through easy navigation. When it comes to eCommerce web designs, your customers should be able to conveniently browse through your site, the products you offer, and the purchasing process.

If not, it would adversely impact their user experience. Hence, do make it a point to always make certain that your eCommerce web design has smooth and understandable navigation without any broken or confusing links.

5. Publish Your Customer Feedback

When considering the art of buying and selling online, a customer’s purchase decision is significantly impacted by the past-customer ratings and reviews. This is why most online stores go above and beyond to strategically display their customer feedback on the site itself.

At the same time, it is also incredibly worthwhile to encourage your customers to leave a comment on your service. These comments would make a huge difference when it comes to persuading potential customers and also analyzing the performance of your eCommerce website.

6. Obtain A Security Seal From A Verified Security Provider

May it be a small purchase or a large purchase, customers are always considerate about the security of eCommerce websites. This is mainly due to the fact that they end up making payments online and hence they hesitate to enter their bank or card details on sites that are not properly verified by a renowned website security provider.

Therefore, do make it a point to obtain a security seal from a renowned website security provider and clearly display it for your current and potential customers to see. This guarantee of security would be very helpful in attracting and retaining customers to your online business.

7. Guarantees And Purchase Returns

Ecommerce Website

One of the major disadvantages of an online store is the inability to touch and feel the products for yourself. Hence, eCommerce customers are very particular about the return policies and guarantees of the online stores they purchase from. Therefore, make certain that your eCommerce store’s guarantee and return policies are clearly mentioned in a way that your customers would be aware of it while making a purchase.

8. THE “Search” Function

If not for the search function, life on the internet would have been much much harder. This is even more true for professional eCommerce web designs as customers would not put in the effort to individually scroll through each product when looking for what they want. Hence, incorporating an effective search function that facilitates all possible popular search variations might boost the performance of your business.

9. Catchy And Relevant Product Descriptions

Product descriptions of online stores can make or break your business. Thus, make sure that your eCommerce site has value-adding product descriptions with quality images. Adding a video that communicates the essence of your products is extremely worthy if done right! Not only would this benefit you in terms of increasing sales, but carefully crafted descriptions can also help with your eCommerce SEO.

10. Simple Checkout Process

When it comes to online stores, the checkout process adds a lot of value to a website. This is because customers need to be able to conveniently check out their purchases without any unwanted and inconvenient steps along the way. Hence, make it sweet and simple.

Not to forget, adding different payment options to your checkout process would be even more effective for a quality experience.

11. Clearly Display Your Offers And Promotions

Offers and promotions are a smart strategy to boost the sales of businesses. This is exactly why you need to make certain that your site users can clearly and quickly identify the products and services that are on discounts or promotions. Using separate banners or having vibrant tags could be an ideal way to do so.

Therefore, if you are a Toronto business owner with an eCommerce website, do pay attention to the above tips and tricks. We guarantee you that you would see a significant change in your performance.

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