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Free Websites Will Cost You Thousands

Free Web Design Worth It?

Free Website Design

Most businesses make it a habit of cutting down costs from every nook and corner - and marketing is their favourite place to start with. As a result, business websites are popular victims, and businesses would rather opt for cheaper or even free website packages without much thought.

But is this the best move? How can anyone afford to offer free or surprisingly cheap websites? And what does it truly cost to put together a business website design? Well, let us take a look.

The Fear To Invest In The Unknown

Despite the rapid advancement of technology, not all businesses are yet confident with the concept of online marketing or online buying and selling. This is not only the case with small and medium scale enterprises but also the case with legendary businesses that are used to the traditional approaches of business operations.

However, the online world is continuously growing and changing although business owners are not confident about how it will work in their favor. Not knowing how to predict the return on investments made for online marketing and not having a guaranteed quantifiable return has instilled fear in business owners. Owing to this, they opt for the cheaper package for their websites.

Are The Cheaper Options More Expensive In The Long Run?

How does anyone afford to give away something for free? Especially something as important and valuable as a . This is a popular question raised by business owners.

Companies that offer free website designs need to have some sort of income to survive. Unknown to you, they actually earn through the free websites they offer. Because this digital world is rich in opportunities and website designers can conveniently use these opportunities with every free website they set up. So these websites are genuinely not as cheap as they seem to be.

You Lose A Lot By Opting For The “Free”

A professional Toronto web design agency does more than just designing your website. They offer a plethora of other valuable features that could make a significant difference for your business. For instance, professional web designers can customize your website to tailor-fit your business needs and offer higher flexibility. Such advantages are not available with these free websites. You would have to be satisfied with the generic templates and limitations that come with them. When you compare the with those free templates, you will clearly see the difference.

Hosting Is Not Free

Your business website design may come free, but hosting is not. And the worst case is, your free website provider will have their list of hosts that you should choose from. In some cases, these may be proprietary and you will have to pay a comparatively higher amount to set it up with them.

And forget not; hosting is not the only thing needed. You have to set up the and registrations, which probably would also come at premium rates with these free website packages.

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You Would Now Have Control Over The Advertisements On Your Website

As mentioned previously, these free website providers survive on income gained through other online opportunities. And one such prominent source of income is the display of advertisements on the free websites they offer. They often host Bing and Google advertising and market their offers somewhere on your web page. So it goes without saying that you will have no control over the advertisements displayed on your sit. Even worse, youcan end up displaying your competitors’ promotional material as well.

You Are Not The Owner Of Your Website

When it comes to free website designs, the lack of ownership is a major deterrent for businesses. Because you would simply be renting out a website from the provider with no real ownership of your own content. Some free website design providers even go to the extent of making sure that the content published on their domain is non-transferable. So make sure that you know what you are getting into before opting for such packages.

Your Website URL Will Look Cheap

Not having complete control over the URL is the other thing about free website designs. The websites they provide will come with a URL that will somehow integrate their business domain as well. Since a URL is how your users access your website, they will definitely notice that you have set up your online operations on an inferior domain.

You Cannot Optimize For Keywords

Unlike professional , free websites come with extreme limitations. The inability to customize or modify URLs and other metadata such as titles is a major drawback of this. Because these are areas that can be easily optimized for keywords for improved page ranking, but unfortunately, you would not be able to do so.

Not The Best For Search Engines

Most websites that are set up through such free providers are often abandoned over time. Hence, such providers’ would not have a solid domain reputation with search engines, and this can affect you as well. Because search engines have access to your domain details and being one from an untrustworthy source could leave a black mark on your website. Therefore, it would be really challenging for to optimize the website for search engines.

Changes Are Expensive

Although you get an off-the-shelf website template for free, customizations are pretty expensive in these packages. Because this is another alternative source of income for these free website providers. So you will end up having to make costly payments for even the slightest change in your website.

Upgrades Come At A Price

Free websites have their own list of limitations, and once you reach them you will have to upgrade. As a business, you definitely are looking to grow. So with this growth, you will have to upgrade your website at some particular point and to do so you will end up having to pay exorbitant amounts.

And Last But Not Least:

There always comes a point where these free website providers will make you pay. Else, you probably might have to discontinue your website and throw away all the effort you put into it. Instead of investing in a quality business website design, you would have made a lot more progress and opportunities.

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