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How Features of WordPress Website can help your business?

WordPress features to boost your business

Features Of WordPress Websites

A large part of our Toronto web design clientele faces one major matter of worry. How can they bring about higher revenues using their features of WordPress websites? They are not convinced that a WordPress website will expand their income.

If you keep reading, you will find the answer to this concern.

However, first, let’s find out the reason why web designers in Toronto use WordPress to play a major role in the digital presence of your business.Take a look at the statistics of digital business given by the features of WordPress websites

  1. Today, WordPress powers over 35% of all websites found on the cyberspace
  2. WordPress is visited more than Twitter, making it the highest visited platform.
  3. Monthly, more than around 70 million posts are newly published by users
  4. 2018 statistics show that WordPress receives 1 million brand new users bi-annually.
  5. WordPress helps in creating bigger value for your site by offering more than 50,000 plugins free of charge.

The Role Of WordPress Websites In Improving Your Online Business

WordPress allows you to manage your website conveniently with minimum knowledge in coding. These systems are called Content management systems (CMS). In these systems, a GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) panel is available for users. This makes it easy for Web designers to design pages, posts and also add plugins in upgrading their website.

Here are a few major ways in which creating a WordPress site can help improve your business.

1. Creating an eCommerce/ Business website

WordPress enables you to launch an online store or a website for a start. This way, you do not require the services of a sophisticated web developer to maintain the website for you. Using features of WordPress websites you can do it on your own. Another option would be to get help from a web design company in Toronto to create a WordPress website. It will still cost you much less than having a whole new website developed from scratch.

2. Content testing using A/B and Multivariate Testing

WordPress is the best option for countless clients in Toronto. There are two methods you can use to promote your website using WordPress as a platform. The first method is using SEO Plugins such as and . The next can be considered as the social signals and pay per click campaigns. These two methods will generate a decent amount of traffic to your WordPress Website.

3. Magnifying the brand worth

Web Designers can create professionally looking websites with WordPress. Unlike other CMS platforms, WordPress has everything to develop attractive websites.

Web developers have the option of enhancing the appearance of their website using page builder plugins that come with numerous themes, both free or paid.

One of the best features of WordPress websites is, when promoted are more likely to have higher conversion rates. As one of the leading , we can design and develop fully functioning websites with WordPress.

4. Strengthening your community

WordPress Features

Many famous websites today maintain a blog on their websites. These blogs are available to increase traffic. As WordPress evolved from being a blogging platform, you can easily publish blogs on WordPress websites. This is a great way to build and strengthen a community of your users. Since the expiration of PHP bulletin boards, WordPress websites have been creating modern-day blogs.

You can contact our web design company Toronto for support on WordPress blogs.

5. Use your website to educate

Many websites selling online courses are dedicated to enlightening people with knowledge. These e-learning systems are created with a large amount of coding. On WordPress however, online e-learning can be created with much less of a hassle. All the numerous paid plugins such as teachable and Teachly have their own WordPress plugin which you can easily integrate into your WordPress website.

6. Email advertising to scale up

WordPress websites allow you to scale up very easily compared to other websites. Even if you’re switching from another CMS or if you are starting a new WordPress website, it allows you to scale. Many famous websites like Buzzfeed and Washington Post use WordPress due to the easy scalability.

Our Toronto web designers can also use WordPress websites to help you add email advertising, CRM and continuous contact.

7. Have your conversions soar

WordPress allows you to easily on your website. Various plugins on WooCommerce give the option of creating a check out on the website. This allows payment options like PayPal or credit card to order products on your website.

8. Larger income

All these efforts, in the end, is to improve your business. A website can support improve your returns in large amounts by enabling all the factors discussed above. The higher your website traffic, the higher your clients and the higher your profits.

So, if you are looking to improve your digital client base using a website feel free to use the above options to do so. If you are looking for further help, our web design company Toronto is only a call away.

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