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Why Not Single Page Website For Your Business

Are you struggling to fit all your content in one webpage?

Single Page Website Deficiencies

Single page websites are very popular in today’s world as it is an ideal solution for organizations who do not have much content to publish. They are also very effective for instances where you want to redirect your customers once they click on a PPC advert.

However, limitation to a single page has imposed a lot of deficiencies on its users, and hence, single page websites are often avoided. As a leading business website designer in Toronto, we have put together a few powerful reasons as to why your business should not go ahead with a single page business website.

1. Does Not Provide The Best Of User Experience

Any user who visits your eCommerce website is doing so with the intention of purchasing a product. Therefore, it is essential to design your eCommerce website such that your customers can quickly and conveniently find the products they need without any hassle. This requires easy navigation, clear layouts, and simple designs.

2. Impacts On-page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO revolves around optimization approaches that are done within the website itself. This includes a multitude of techniques such as optimization of descriptions, headers, titles, meta tags, and alt texts. When these techniques are implemented on a multi-page website, it provides a powerful SEO approach as all the pages are clearly defined and optimized as seen fit.

However, when it comes to a single page web design, you would have to limit your on-page optimization as all your content is on one page, and hence, there is very little that you could do in terms of optimizing.

For instance, if you were to advertise several products and categories on the same page, there could be mismatches and misunderstandings with the tags and descriptions which in turn could adversely impact when the bots crawl as well. This would result in the degradation of your search engine result page (SERP) rankings, and this could significantly reduce your site visibility and traffic.

3. It Is Just A Single Page Indexed On Search Engines

When a bot crawls through a website, it indexes each and every page of the particular site. Unfortunately, when it comes to a single page website it is just one page that the bot indexes. Owing to this, other multi-page websites of your competitors would have multiple pages indexed and this would play in their favour during user searches.

Whereas on the other hand, single-page web designs would depend on its one page and hence would perform comparatively poorly on search engines.

Single Page Website

4. Slower Loading Speeds

When compared to a multi-page web design, a single-page website would have all its content packed into just one page. Due to this, the site would take a longer time to load as it has way more text, video, image, and audio content to load as it bears all the content of the site.

This slowed loading speed would significantly affect your site’s performance as it negatively affects the user experience. After all, in this day and age, users often find it an annoyance to be held up till website content loads.

5. Affects The Content Sharing Capabilities On Your Web Page

As we all know, having quality content is a core requirement of a successful website. But, when it comes to single page website deficiencies, all of your site users would be accessing the same URL, same page, for ALL of their necessities. As a result, this affects the sharing of content from your website, which in turn affects the quality of the content available on your site.

6. Makes It Harder To Analyze The Performance Of Your Website

Most websites succeed based on the insights they gain through their periodical reviews of the site itself. During these reviews, they analyze many aspects of the website such as which pages have performed better, which segments are accessed the most, and which layout improves user experience.

But this is not the case when it comes to one-page web designs. As all the content is on one page - one layout, it is almost impossible to find out what aspects of the site are doing well and what is not. Because of this, it is increasingly hard to analyze the performance of the website of a single page web design.

7. Is Not Ideal For Ecommerce Websites

An eCommerce website design would always consider their users’ experience crucial. This is because the sole purpose of an eCommerce website is to improve the convenience of the shopping experience while also destroying limitations imposed by geographic boundaries. Hence, when you try to fit in an eCommerce web design onto a single page it would result in a variety of issues that could significantly affect the eCommerce experience.

For instance, imagine the amount of space that would be required to advertise a range of products. When all these products, their prices, details, and reviews are published on a single page, the users would find it absolutely inconvenient to not only go through them but also to actually make a purchase decision.

Not to forget, eCommerce is a process that flows from a customer filtering a product to proceeding to checkout. If this entire process needs to be done on a single page, it would not only slow down the performance of the website, but it would also complicate the navigation. As a result, you would be losing current and potential customers due to the inconvenience caused.

In conclusion, business websites are a representation of what you are and what you stand for. Therefore, do make it a point to get your business website done through a professional web design company in Toronto. An established agency would know the ups and downs of business website designing and would ensure the delivery of a quality website that could boost your business.

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