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The Average Page Load Time And How To Make It Better

Boost Your Web Page Load Time

Average Page Load Time

How long are you willing to be patient for a web page to load when browsing through the Internet? If you take the time to count, you will probably lose patience within 10 seconds.

You will realize how important the time spent loading the website is. So how do you measure the actual time taken for your website to load? How do you gauge where your average page load time stands in terms of being good or needing improvement?

Here we will help you understand the average page load time, the importance of page load speed, and how to improve the web page load time.

What Is Meant By Average Page Load Time?

When concerned about the time taken for your website to load, a lot of attention is paid to the average page load time. Average page load time means the time taken for your web page to load entirely from start to finish.

Research has proven that a web page takes 7.0 seconds to load on average on desktop computers, whereas it is 10.3 seconds on mobile devices. This result is specific for e-commerce sites with a median page load time of 10 seconds on a desktop.

Now we want to make it clear that this is, however, the average page load time. It doesn’t operate as a baseline. It is very important for your business, that your website is optimized.

Even if the average time is 7.0 seconds, it would be better if your page needs to load at a much lesser period. The faster your web page loads, the higher traction it will drive, increasing engagement.

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What Is The Importance Of Page Load Time?

A website builder might think, why do a few more seconds matter? Seconds usually pass by before you know it. However, that is most definitely not the mindset of a customer visiting your website.

Research showed that 83% of users expected the page to load within 3 seconds. In normal time you may think 3 seconds is a short period. Concerning waiting for a page to load, this is considerably long.

People bounce when the web page takes time to load. They press back and go on looking for another website that contains the same information which loads faster.

Now, this is a big hit to your search engine optimization strategy. Google will realize people are bouncing and it will automatically assume that your website doesn’t include relevant information. Google will push back the ranking of your website making it harder to find.

A tip to raise your rank and increase site traffic is by reducing the page load time. Research has shown that this drives up conversion by 7%. You can receive help from one of the to reduce web page load time.

How To Improve Average Page Load Time?

Of course, in an instance when you need to improve your page load time, you can always get Intrango Web Design to help. However, some tips in case you want to tackle it by yourself are mentioned below.

Average Page Load Time

Compress Images

The outlook of your web page is very important. It is normal to use images to make the website attractive. However, large image files slow the website and increase the loading time. The size of the image does not mean the space it takes up instead the number of bytes of the image.

Pages that include large images load slowly compared to websites with compressed images. Compressing the shot reduces the size while preserving the quality of the image. You can use online tools like to reduce the size of your images and improve the average page load time.

Limiting Redirects

Redirects help Google and users reroute from nonexistent pages linked to the website. This slows down the website loading speed. You can fix this by removing links to deleted pages or changing the links to direct users to the new web pages instead of via redirect.

Minimize Codes

The lengthier and complicated the code is for a page, it will slow the website. With the help of the you can get help minifying the code.

Strive to reduce the time taken for your website to load and enjoy success.

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