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5 Must-Have SaaS Design Principles for Landing Page Conversions

How To Apply SaaS Design Principles To Your Website's Landing Page?

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The website of your business plays a vital role in creating a good first impression to your potential consumers. Every aspect of your web design; the design, the included content, and the overall user experience affect the possibility of converting a visitor to your web page to an eventual customer. This importance reaches its epitome at your landing pages.

Each part of your business’s web design has its own purpose to serve at each step in the customer’s journey. The landing page probably has the most important and foremost task; establishing a good impression and calling for action.

On the flip side, the information that you can gather from your landing page can take you a long way in analyzing the demographics of your current website visitors. This information can in return enable you to customize your web design to cater to the identified market segment.

Let’s investigate the methods through which your website design can nail a good landing page. Even though the SaaS landing page provides your website design a great chance to inform and persuade your prospective buyers, you only have one shot with it. The following five-step guide will guarantee your landing a better chance at an improved conversion rate.

Simplicity In Navigation

The landing page of your web design should be simple and non-overwhelming. Instead of throwing all the options and content of your business at a first-time visitor, your web designer should focus on creating a simpler but effective model.

It has been found over time that, the optimal number of navigation items to be incorporated into a SaaS landing page is 4. Hence, you and your web designer should be cautious to select only the most important navigation features to be embedded. Who the SaaS is for, your products and solutions, and a glimpse at your pricing are some primary navigation items.

A majority of SaaS landing pages have also successfully employed ‘sticky navigation’ in their landing pages. In this method, you should keep displaying a few of your navigation options on the top of the screen even while the visitor is scrolling down. This will persuade the visitor to continue his focus on converting.

Compelling Offer Above The Fold

The design and placement of your content are as important as the content that you plan to display on your landing page. While you are focusing on keeping your web design simple and straightforward, you should remember to place your compelling offer above the fold. This placement will ensure that it will be the first thing a visitor would see. Thereby, you can retain their attention on that particular vital piece of information for a longer time.

Some successful web designers also incorporate a ‘hero image’ to the landing page. This is a way of presenting what your company is offering, by personifying your unique value proposition. You can go the extra mile in creativity to accomplish this. Images, videos, or even animations can be used to simply and impactfully communicate how your product or your solution works.

Breathing Room For Content

If your web design has jam-packed all the important content on the landing page very close to each other, there is a high chance that a visitor will soon be overwhelmed and will bounce. This can be successfully tackled by adding enough ‘white spaces’ around important content.

“White space” does not imply that your web design would require a mandatory white color. It basically means that your content, images, or graphics need to be sufficiently spaced out. These white spaces can make whatever elements on your page look dynamic and structured.

Saas Landing

Some web designers could be hesitant to incorporate a lot of white space into your landing page, as it might lengthen the page. But there are many examples of exceptionally successful SaaS landing pages both of which are short and long.

Visual Social Proof

Testimonials, number of customers, case studies, and other big brands that advocate or use your product could be powerful modes of increasing conversions on your landing page. Once again, the web designer should utilize these social proof elements in such a way that it is not overwhelming to the visitor. A proven method to do this is by including visual elements such as graphics, images, or even videos to communicate the message, as they are more pleasing and attention-grabbing than a bunch of numbers.

Bold And Clear CTA

Since the objecting of a CTA is to spark action and generate leads, testing and perfecting of your landing page’s CTA is vital.

Using eye-catching and visually significant CTA buttons is one way to achieve this. The web design should include the CTA buttons with colours that contrast the rest of the page, so the visitors won’t miss it. The ‘blur test’ is a tool that could come in handy for this. Try blurring your landing page using an image editor and check if your CTA buttons still stand out.

What Can You Do Next?

Following our five-step guideline will definitely give you an edge. But the best way to make your landing page one of the best out there is to try and test it out by yourself. Using a well laid out A/B testing strategy and heat maps will give you an idea about how well the users react to your SaaS landing page design.

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